posters and capes of the design

on 1 december, on the occasion of the world day against aids, several thousands of beauty salons will be the color of the transaction) to hiv / aids. a programme of the foundation’s sponsorship programme in partnership with unesco, developed through the network to the vocational programme throughout the country. wigshumanhair posters and capes of the design of cutting red tape will be available). on this day, they will also be able to distribute condoms to all their clients. the purpose of this operation: raising awareness of the disease.

this year, the international guézou dj bob sinclair and jerome, l’oreal professional hair human hair wigs ambassador decided to sponsor this year. everyone’s going to use his image as well as its influence to achieve a maximum of people and spread the message of preventive needed to reduce the risk of spread of the virus. but also to combat the stigmatization of patients who are still alive.

as of today, even if it back, the fight against hiv / aids is far from being won. in 2012, more than 2 million people have been infected. this represents a decrease of 33% of new infections in 2001. a small victory that should be celebrated with caution, because young people are most affected by the virus.

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