Once all the hair is twisted

Step 5:
Twist all of your hair around the elastic. Nothing is left to chance in this hairstyle and once again, no wick should emerge from the bun.

Step 6:
Once all the hair is twisted, secure the bun with pins so that it is perfectly maintained.
Step 7:
Add a haze of lacquer so that you ensure a long-lasting hold on your bun down http://www.wigshumanhair.co.uk/category-1-b0-Full-Lace-Wigs.html
Half-ponytail: a bar to sublimate it

Classic hairstyle in primary school, the half-tail is also appreciated by adults! However, in order to remove his side too « little girl wise », it is recommended to accessorize or bring a touch of originality. On the parade Donna Karan, the hairdresser has bet on a bar.
The uk lace wigs trend seen on the parade

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